Pennsylvania Beaches

Pennsylvania Beaches offer a small stretch of shoreline along Lake Erie for beach goers and vacationers. The primary beach area is Presque Isle State Park along Lake Erie. It offers Pennsylvania Beach vacationers a number of things to do along its shores including swimming, fishing, boating. Since it is a natural area there are many activities for those want to go hiking and engage in birdwatching.

Presque Isle State Park

protrudes into Lake Erie and provides vacationers with sandy beaches and recreational areas. There are a number of swimming beaches, hiking trails and also a marina for boaters.

Shades Beach Park

in Erie PA is a small park but offers many activities. Boat access and swimming are available along with its picnic areas and playground are available for your beach enjoyment. There are trails to hike and also open air activities. For those who also like to Golf, nearby is Lawrence Park Golf Club.

There are a number of other shorelines but may not have a swimming beach. There are campgrounds (many with pools), boating, fishing, to add to your Pennsylvania Beach enjoyment.