Ohio Beaches

Throw a glance on the Ohio Beaches of Lake Erie and its banks; the coarse surroundings are surprisingly perfect for building fairy tale sand castles, soothing morning walks and warm afternoon sun bathing. Ohio Beaches or Lake Erie’s beaches are well reputed for their vast and spacious sandy areas. The travellers take flight to Ohio for the specific joy of spending some wonderful days at the beaches there. The turquoise water and acres of deep forests at the side of the sea at an Ohio state part is something never to be missed.

Though, the beaches have a special attraction for their specific features contributing to the sea and quality of sand on the beach but there is something entirely different when it comes to Ohio Beaches. The season in which you plan to spend some memorable days at the beach makes the difference in your experience. For example plan a trip to the sun bathed beaches of Ohio in late summer when the autumn is at the brink and breathe in the smell of softly blowing air heavy with autumn chill. Walking miles on the sand seems minutes and when you look at the evening sun slowly slipping down the horizon, you feel the depth of the sea and its water waving to fall asleep.

Headlands State Park Beach

Headlands State Park Beach is often remembered for it lighthouse where the visitors often go. It is an elegant addition in the serene environment. For the picnic making families the beach has a lot to offer. There are picnic tables and if you have brought your own meal than definitely you are going to enjoy it ten times more than you do at your home. The place for playing cool sports is equally peaceful. While you play and enjoy the thrill of sports at the beach, no one is ever disturbed as the space is pretty wide. Have fun and play volleyball and soccer. There is plenty of beach linked activities that feel obviously cool and pleasing when you indulge in when on Ohio Beaches!

Summer holidays in Ohio are just awesome! Particularly Headlands Beach is not something to miss. It is distinguished for its clean environment which offers a great eye soothing scene. Its huge body offers the visitors a sense of limitlessness. The crowded beaches just repel the visitors but this is not the case with Lake Erie Beaches. Its vast area absorbs the increased crowd and still looks magnificent. When you feel that there are no boundaries to halt your joy; and your peaceful moments are not disturbed no matter how long you play and walk or swim. To those holiday makers who have visited a number of beaches, Ohio Beaches are mesmerising. Once they get there, the spell of unparallel beauty of the place entangles them. They wonder why is it that they never thought of coming here!

Fairport Harbor Lakefront Park

Located in Fairport Harbor, OH is a beautiful park with beaches for your enjoyment. This park is protected from the wind and waves by a breakwater which also serves as an outflow for the Grand River. Adjacent to Headlands Beach Lakeside Park this park is a perfect for your family outing.
The park offers alots of activities including a swimming with lifeguards on duty, a playground, volleyball, and rentals of watersports equipment. The park is also pet friendly.

Maumee Bay State Park

Maumee Bay State Park Beach in Oregon, OH near Toledo on 1,336 acres of land has a half mile of white sand beaches plus and inland lake for your swimming enjoyment. Also available are boating, fishing, and an 18 hole golf course. Take advantage of one of the many picnic areas or take a hike on one of the trails.