Michigan Beaches

Lake Michigan Beaches are amongst some of the most pristine white sand beaches with some of the most breathtaking beaches you could visit. Michigan Beaches are relatively unknown by vacationers when considering a beach vacation rental spot. The waters are warm enough for swimming in the summers and the beach towns offer many amenities and activities. Good parking and camping space is available for a reasonable cost.

If you are someone who enjoys a beach holiday then consider these Michigan beaches as part of your vacation planning:

Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore

Sleeping Dunes National Lakeshore is located on the eastern side of Lake Michigan, just 25 miles from Traverse City. This pristine beach is known for its soft, ever-shifting white sand dunes, cool breeze, and clear blue water. The site also includes some inland lakes, dense forest, and unusual plants and flowers. This beach is the perfect place for a long walk, a beautiful sunset or just a relaxing day with the family.

The beach offers you a stunning view of Lake Michigan 450 feet below you. It’s a tough hike, but worth the effort.

Grand Haven State Park Beach

This beach is a favorite for people looking for a wonderful sunset. Located on Lake Michigan the beach itself is extremely clean with a sandy beach and has ample parking as well. With plenty to eat and water that is perfect for swimming, this beach is ideal for a day out for the entire family. There are Volleyball nets set up to so remember to carry your ball.

There is a lighthouse that people walk out to and is a popular photo spot. The Boardwalk has some shops and attractions for those looking for a little souvenir.

Tiscornia Park Beach

One of the little known gems of Michigan beaches. This beach is usually less crowded than the others, and thus is great place to relax. The sand is a little grainy although it makes up by offering you ample solitude. The bathrooms can be a little dirty and there are no pets or alcohol allowed on the beach. If you have young kids who need space to run around or are just looking for some down time then this beach is perfect for you. It is open to the public all year long.

Silver Lake Sand Dunes

Another gorgeous beach that offers something for all types of beach lovers. There is plenty of activities on the beach as well as areas where you can relax or go for a quiet walk along the great lake.

The beach is located along the shoreline between Ludington and Muskegon. One of the must do things at the beach is to ride a dune buggy down the dunes. You can take your own or rent one from the beach. This of course can only be done at certain parts of the beach earmarked for it.

Swimming and even boating is allowed in the Lake nearby and there are also plenty of sand artists showcasing their talent at the beach!

The beach can get pretty crowded so it is advisable to get there early and make sure you grab a nice spot.

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Located on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, just north of Munising. It runs along the south side of Lake Superior, which famous for being the largest continental lake in the entire world. Sandy Point Beach is considered to be the best beach on the lakeshore. It is found along a shallow bay which is sheltered from waves, making it the ideal place for a warm swim. In addition to a gorgeous beach, this picturesque region is home to bubbling waterfalls, rich forest, and interesting eroded cliffs. In fact, the name Pictured Rocks, refers to the 15 mile stretch of white, tan, orange, and pink sandstone cliffs that line the shore. These magnificent cliffs tower 200 feet above the beach. The cliffs have been slowly chiseled by lake water, wind, and rain, creating an abundance of formations such as caves, turrets, and arches. One of the most notable features is Little Portal Pink, a remarkable arch that juts out into the lake. Hikers head up to Indian Point to enjoy unparalleled views of the sandstone cliffs.

These are some of the best Michigan beaches around Lake Michigan and any one of them could be the answer to your perfect beach vacation destination. For people around the Upper Midwest particularly, this is an affordable and fun option that the entire family will enjoy.